20 Things You Need To Survive In The Wild In 2021

The wild can be a difficult place to survive, no matter how resilient one appears to be. There are hellish conditions in the wild that you cannot survive without the right tools, equipment, and materials. You may end up getting stuck for an extended period in the wilderness; that is why you need to have the necessities to help you cope.

There are 20 things you need to survive in the wild, which can be termed as your best survival gear required for protection and safety. With such survival gear, you can survive in the wild for an extended period. This is because you will be able to hunt for food as well as protect yourself.

Is It Possible To Survive In The Wild?

Yes, it is possible to survive in the wild, but only if you are equipped with the essential tools and equipment. Without that, surviving can be quite tricky. That is why, before going into the wilderness, your expedition backpack should be filled with vital must-haves.

20 Things You Need To Survive In The Wild

For you to survive in the wild, you will need food. Most importantly, you need to have water because without that; you will end up dehydrated. You also have to be safe; hence you should bear in mind having the right tools for your protection.

20 Things You Need To Survive In The Wild

Anytime you plan to embark on a journey to the wild, it is paramount that you pack some must-haves in your backpain. This is because they will help you if things go haywire while you are still in the wilderness. An enjoyable adventure in the wild calls for these 20 things you need to survive.

Ultralight Water Purifier Filter Bottle

This is the best filtration purifier water bottle that you will need to store water. It eliminates up to 99.99% of viruses and does not have lousy flavor compared to other bottles. This bottle will enable you to have water to survive in the wild because water is key to survival even more than food.

Survival Energy Bars

Survival energy bars are termed as emergency food that comes with essential calorie intake to help you have adequate energy crucial for survival. You need food to survive in the wild; that is why survival energy bars will come in handy. They will keep you energized, thus making you remain strong to have adequate energy to keep going.

Lightweight 4 Season Tent

This is a tent for shelter that is meant to house you while out in the wild. This lightweight 4 season tent is ideal for it fits in your bag effortlessly. A good quality 4 season tent will keep you protected from harsh weather conditions such as a winter storm. Opt for one made from a rip free material because it will serve you better.

Lightweight Warm Waterproof Sleeping Bag

A sleeping bag meant to keep you warm throughout the night. It is light and can be carried around easily without wearing you down. When choosing a sleeping bag, make sure it is comfortable and made with the best material.

Ultralight Air Sleeping Pad – Inflatable Camping Mat

This is a sleeping pad that you should have because you will not lie on the cold hard floor while in the wild. It is lightweight and extremely comfortable on your back. The best part is it comes with a pillow; thus, your entire body will have a soft place to have some rest on.

Special Ops Tactical Soft-Shell Jacket

Withstanding harsh weather while in the wild calls for this jacket, which is designed to be water-proof. It not only keeps you warm but also dries no matter how rainy it is. You will love this soft-shell jacket because of its ability to retain body heat.

Self Cocking Pistol Tactical Crossbow

This is a pistol crossbow meant for hunting and can also be used for protection. It is a powerful tool that can keep you safe from any intruders. It is ideal if you are keen on hunting small animals. The best part is, it comes with a self-locking mechanism that is easy to use.

Survival Hawk Camping Axe

This is an axe that is perfect for chopping wood that is essential in starting and keeping a fire while in the wild. Besides, it is also used as a protection weapon from an unwanted company. It is not heavy, thus making it quite portable.

Strike Tactical Bowie Knife

This is a blade that is quite strong meant for various uses in the wild. You can start a fire with this knife and can also use it as a sharpening aid. It is built primarily for outdoor use because of its rel8iability and efficiency.

 5-way Solar Powered Wind Radio

This is a form of communication device that enables you to connect with several people for communication purposes. With this radio, you cannot get stuck in the wild because you can use it to communicate your location. It can also keep you entertained because it is an FM radio with seven preprogrammed stations.

 Large Tactical Outdoor Camping Bag

This is a durable, spacious backpack that comes with several compartments to enable you to pack everything you want to carry in the wild. You can detach and attach any other useful gear to this bag. If you are planning to carry anything that concerns outdoors, then this is the perfect bag to use that is quite affordable.

Tactical LED Solar Flashlight

You require some kind of light while in the wild, and that is what this flashlight offers. It is ideal for it enables you to see what’s surrounding you amid the darkness that comes with the wilderness. This is a unique flashlight that is solar-powered, giving you a light life of more than seven hours throughout the night.

Spin Combo Telescopic Rod

Food is essential for survival in the wild, and this telescopic rod comes in handy for fishing purposes. As long as you have mastered your fishing skills, this rod will come in to give you a helping hand anytime you are carrying out freshwater fishing. It is lightweight such that you can pack it in your bag, and you would not notice it.

Survival Fishing Kit

This is the best fishing kit ideal for the wild. If you want to have an unlimited supply of food, then consider having this survival fishing kit. It is equipped with essential fishing supplies making it the best fishing kit. You can place it in your pocket because it comes in a tiny container.

Snare Wire Trapping Supplies

This is a trapping device that helps catch little critters that can be termed as a real meal in the wild. This snare wire trapping device prevents you from starving because it will help you capture food that is critical if you are to survive in the wild. It is a valuable tool to have in your backpack because it will assure you of food.

North America: Edible Wild Plants Guide

This is a wild plant guide that explains different wild plants found in the wilderness. This plant guide helps you identify the right wild plants that can be consumed without harming your body. It comes with different wild plants that are photographed to help you identify them once you spot them in the wilderness.

Tactical Military Compass

This is a compass meant to give you direction, especially when you wander off and get lost. The wild can be a dangerous place to be more so when you cannot identify your exact location. With this compass, you will always find your way back with ease. You will have to study this compass to learn of its different features and how each works.

Ferrocerium Drilled Flint Fire Starter

It is a daunting task to start a fire in the wild; however, with this drilled flint fire starter, it can be achieved. This is a great tool that can start a fire effortlessly. All you need to do is use the striker and flint to start your fire. Gone are the days that you had to rub two sticks together to light a fire.

 First Aid Kit

This is a supply kit that is designed to focus on your safety. It should be part of your survival in the wild essentials because you never know when disaster strikes, leading to injuries. This is a kit that saves you from death; hence it should never be left behind. It is equipped with supplies for both major and minor injuries.

 Camping Cookware Kit

This is a complete cookware set that enables you to cook food while in the wild. I am sure that no one enjoys raw food, so this cookware kit is crucial if you want to enjoy great tasting food. You can fold this cooking kit easily and pack it in your bag, mostly because it is lightweight.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can you eat to survive in the wild?

There are edible fruits and plants that you can eat in the wild. You can eat emergency to-go food such as energy bars and fish and other cooked wild creatures.

How long do humans live in the wild?

In the past, humans could live in the wild for up to 38 years, which was the estimated lifespan. The survival lifespan currently is less than that.

Final Thought

Surviving in the wild requires both physical and mental preparation. This is because of the different survival situations encountered in the wild.  However, with the right tools, you can increase your chances of surviving in the wild. The 20 things you need to survive in the wild that we have discussed are critical; hence none should be left behind. Always remember to remain calm, stay warm, and conserve your energy. You also need to have the right skills to manage any situation that you will face. You need to have all the must-haves if you survive in the wild, especially for an extended time.

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