72-Hour Emergency Kit For Your Family Of 2021

Do we know when natural disasters occur? No, we don’t know when and how terrible they would be. They misplace families for an extended period. Natural disasters sometimes last for several days. Taking the necessary steps to precautions can help us combat the natural calamities, including floods, hurricanes, cyclones, earthquakes, and so forth.

However, you have to make sure that you, along with your family, are ready for these natural disasters. In these situations, you need nothing but the best emergency kit for the family so that you can survive for days. You can consider a suitcase, plastic bag, or similar bag to carry the essential things you need to include for the emergency kit.

72-Hour Emergency Kit for Your Family

Why Is Emergency Kit Important

An emergency kit is important for several different reasons. First of all, an emergency kit is essential to survive in an emergency or natural disaster to save not only your life but also your family members and your pets as well.

Besides, you don’t know how long it will last. Being prepared is the only way to minimize the loss of any natural calamities such as floods, hurricanes, and so forth. An emergency kit should be a life-saver for your family.

72-hour Emergency Kit For Your Family

If you want to save your family members from any natural disaster, you have to consider an emergency kit, which may include the most important things you will need at the time of the critical time. Maybe, you are wondering which items you need to include in the emergency bag, right?

Well. In this article, I will tell you everything in detail to not have any confusion. Also, the purpose of the article is to help you understand the importance of an emergency kit. So, let’s get started with a short description.

Water is the most essential

Nothing is as important to include in an emergency kit as water. Pure drinking water is a must-have thing you must include in your family emergency kit. During natural disasters, you may lack of pure and safe drinking water. If you don’t drink pure water at the time of the distress, you may fall sick quickly.

Therefore, pure drinking water can be a life-saver for your family members, including you. So, when you are alarmed with a natural disaster, make sure to include enough pure drinking water so that you can spend the emergency period safely. You can also bring portable water bottles and a filtration system with you.


When a natural disaster occurs, you should prepare a three-day supply of food for your family because the disaster may last for days. But you have to make sure that you bring non-perishable foods. These non-perishable foods may include gravy, pasta, potato chips, granulated sugar, peanut butter, bottled water, and so forth.

For these events of crisis, all you need to do is bring these foods that can be easily eaten without cooking because you don’t have the chance to cook them in most cases. Bringing anything easy to consume is a plus in these events.

Never forget your first-aid kit

Maybe, you already know about the first-aid kit. Yes, a first-aid kit is an essential part of the family emergency kit you have to include. In your first-aid box, make sure you pack the essential things, including bandages of all kinds, tweezers, pain killers, single-use ice packs.

And other necessary over-the-counter medications so that you can use them when you need them. Also, you can take some antibiotic ointment for emergencies. For your personal hygiene, don’t forget to include wipes and moist towelettes.

A fire starter you need

When you are away from your home may be, in the wilderness, you require a fire starter for various reasons, including to provide heat, cooking, light, and so forth. Even in the wilderness, you need to keep the fire on for the most time also to keep protected from the wilds. So, it should be wiser for you to pick a lighter or other fire starter items in your family emergency kit.

Don’t forget to have some cash

Maybe, you have your credit card, and you withdraw your money when it is needed. But in the case of a natural disaster or pandemic, you may have no chance to withdraw your money from your ATM booth because of lacking transportation or lockdowns.

In this case, you should withdraw your cash earlier, considering this inconvenience. Therefore, you can spend the money when you need it to spend. Otherwise, you may experience trouble though you have enough money in your credit card.

Flashlight and extra batteries

In case of an emergency or natural disaster, you may feel the need for a flashlight because your smartphone’s flashlight may not as useful as you are thinking. Besides, after a while, your smartphone may drain out. Then what will you do?

A flashlight and some extra batteries will be your life-saver in this case. Because at the time of the natural disaster, there will have a power outage. And it may last for several days. So, keeping a flashlight with extra batteries will help you to lit up your dwelling place, at least.

You need pet foods and supply

Don’t just think of yourself! Your pets and other domestic animals are also your family members, right? So, you have to consider them also. Before you leave your residence due to natural disasters, make sure you have made proper arrangements for your pet and domestic animals.

You can bring your pet with you, but your domestic animals require a safer shelter for them. Not only that, but they also need food. In the same way, you have to bring food for your pet animals, including cats, dogs, and other pets.

You need your cell phone charge cords

To maintain communication in case of an emergency like a natural disaster or any other pandemic, you need to contact your family members and emergency responders. You may have cell phone charging cords, but what if you forget to bring it with you?

So, having an extra cell phone charging cords should be wise for you to keep your cell phone charged if you need to use it. For your emergency, you have to contact the emergency responders while you may stuck in the wilderness too.

Consider a battery powered radio

In the case of natural disasters, there may have power cuts for several days. But you need to listen to the radio for emergency broadcasts. If you don’t have a battery powered radio, how can you listen to them?

That’s why; you need a crank or battery-powered radio to listen to the emergency broadcast. Also, make sure you have charged the battery of the radio fully because you cannot charge it due to the power outage as well.

Consider your clothes and shoes

Natural calamities can happen whenever and could lose you from your home for a few days. Having a difference in garments helps guarantee that you’re arranged regardless of what you were doing when the occasion happened.

No one needs to be stuck in wet or smoky clothes for a long period of time. That’s why; you need to change your clothes and a pair of sturdy shoes just to fight against any circumstances. So, make sure you have done the change before starting to move.

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Final Thought

No matter you go camping or you are at risk of any natural calamities, you need to keep prepared for any circumstances by following the measures I have stated earlier in this article.

You know that disaster can occur anytime; therefore, you need to have the emergencies in a bag or suitcase to utilize them at the emergency event.

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