Are Walkie Talkies Safe & Tips for Using Walkie Talkies in Emergencies

Walkie talkies are a great way to keep connected, and they serve for different purposes. While going hunting or climbing, you can get connected with your friends with walkie talkies. These devices transmit and receive messages from one end to another end. They are battery-powered and use radio frequencies to transfer data from one person to another.

You can get lost in the wilderness or on any problematic terrain if you go climbing. In this situation, you need the best emergency walkie talkie to help you find out. If you are in the walkie talkie range where other friends are moving around, you can find him with your walkie talkie. But the question here is- are walkie talkie safe?

How Walkie Talkies Work?

In general, if you want to understand how they work, it is easy because their work process is almost like a cell phone. You need to use a pair of walkie talkies for you and the other for someone else. You can transmit your data and voice over the electromagnetic spectrum to another person on the other side of the network.


Unlike a smartphone, you cannot play music, text, photographs to take and access social media. They work without obtaining the wireless signals. You will find a microphone to speak and a speaker to listen to other’s voices. However, walkie talkies use radio frequencies to deliver your sound as data to the other end of the device while speaking.

Are Walkie Talkies Safe?

Unlike cell phones, walkie talkies do not emit as many electromagnetic frequencies. You aren’t required to use cell phones as well because walkie talkies can do the work for you. However, the emf that two-way radios release can be harmful for your family use but not for your industrial or rescue purpose. Therefore, walkie talkies are safe for you to use.

For your family use, especially for kids, radio frequencies are hazardous for health. On the other hand, you can use them for personal purposes like hunting, climbing, construction sites, etc. They use the electromagnetic spectrum to send data from one place to another at the speed of 186,000 miles per second. So, let’s find the answer to the query- are walkie talkies safe?

Establish a call pattern

It is one of the best ways to use your walkie-talkies safe. Before you start using them, make sure you have established a call pattern. You need to select the channel through which you will get connected to the radio. Lastly, you should be available on how often you are going to check in with others.

Less distraction and fewer accidents

Using walkie-talkies can decrease the chance of getting distracted or causing accidents. If you work on a construction site, using a cell phone that has so many unnecessary features can be a cause of distraction. It may lead you to make accidents, too. On the other hand, two-way radios have a button to press and communicate with others.

Tips For Using Walkie Talkies In Emergencies

When it is an emergency, you can do many things with the two-way radios for you and others. People lose their ordinary senses during an emergency. They do not find ways if there is a simple and easy way to solve the problem. You may need to bring water from far away to sever the people who are in distress. In this situation, you will go to the place to fetch the water for them, right?

But, some fellows work with you here. You can use your walkie talkie to tell them to bring water for them, but you have forgotten. All these things can happen at the time of an emergency. Therefore, two-way radios come into the scene to help you out.

Be prepared

Before you use a walkie talkie for emergencies, you should know how to use the device properly at the time of the moment. Maybe, you are unfamiliar with the equipment and never use them. Don’t worry, take training on the device and the features of it. Which features the devices offer are essential to know. Most importantly, you have to learn the use of the emergency alert of the devices.

Less is more while speaking.

One of the most important things you need to consider while talking through walkie talkies is you should be brief in speech. Don’t mess up things because you may tie up with other channels. Also, you may forget what to talk through the devices. So, you need to know what you will say to them. It should be wise to be precise and efficient at the time of talking.

Don’t think about your privacy.

You can send your message to as many users as possible. You should know there is no privacy when you are connected to group conversations. Your speech may hear all the group members of the conversation. You may think that you can change it by turning the channel. This is the most beneficial feature of two-way radios when you are in the emergency or SOS situations.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are unclear on the topic of the article- are walkie talkies safe? Then you need to understand a few things. Understanding your problems, I have collected the most frequently asked questions so that you don’t have any doubts regarding the topic. Here are some FAQs that will help you understand the subject better.

Do walkie talkies emit radiation?

Before you use walkie talkies, the question may be flying into your brain, right? Yes, walkie talkies emit radiation to transmit data from one end to another but not as much as your cell phone issues.

Are walkie talkies secure?

During an emergency, walkie talkies should be a better choice to rescue affected people. They are not unsafe for you as they emit a little radiation. But walkie talkies are potentially harmful to your kids.

Is it illegal to use walkie talkies while hunting?

When you are on your hunting mission with friends and family, you need to keep connected to others. Therefore, walkie talkies are beneficial to do that. Walkie talkies are not illegal while you go hunting.

Final Thought

In the detailed discussion above, Are walkie talkies safe? We have come to the conclusion that Radiation from walkie talkies is less than the cell phone emits. In this term, walkie talkies are not as harmful to you if you don’t expose your kids. They are not safe for your kids to use. While handling an emergency or going hunting or even climbing, walkie talkies should be your best option to find friends if you are lost in the way.

But it would be best if you were careful while talking through them as long as you are in a group conversation. It should not be private because all the fellow users are listening to one another. Therefore, walkie talkies are better when it comes to using in an emergency.

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