lantern and flashlight

Lantern And Flashlight In 2021: Which Is Better?

Regardless of whether you’re fishing, camping, hiking, or even having a power outbreak, having a portable light source is essential. The two most popular handheld, portable light sources are the flashlights and lanterns. Both of them come with their distinct features and benefits that you can use to get rid of the darkness. In this … Read More

how to stay safe during an earthquake at home

How To Stay Safe During An Earthquake At Home In 2021

Earthquakes are sudden events that don’t forecast before coming into play. Tectonic plates under the earth shake the surface every hour somewhere on earth. Whenever an earthquake strikes, it shakes the earth, leaving you trembling around, looking for shelter. The worst-case scenario is when you’re in your home, and an earthquake strikes as you’re vulnerable … Read More

what to put in a car emergency kit

What To Put In A Car Emergency Kit (11 Tips In 2021)

A 2016 survey suggests that Americans spend 293 hours driving their cars on average a year. Going on a long drive can be amusing until your car breaks down in the middle of nowhere. So, before you end up in a helpless situation, especially while off-roading, taking the safety precautions is important. If you’re planning … Read More

72-Hour Emergency Kit for Your Family

72-Hour Emergency Kit For Your Family Of 2021

Do we know when natural disasters occur? No, we don’t know when and how terrible they would be. They misplace families for an extended period. Natural disasters sometimes last for several days. Taking the necessary steps to precautions can help us combat the natural calamities, including floods, hurricanes, cyclones, earthquakes, and so forth. However, you … Read More

10 Must-Haves For Your roadside emergency kit

10 Must-haves Car Emergency Kit For Roadside In 2021

Staying at home may require almost nothing to keep protected and safe. When there is an alarm from the weather forecast, we need to keep ready at least the emergency kit at the time of emergency for floods and power outages, right? Similarly, your road trip to any place may remain incomplete if you are … Read More

how to choose a flashlight

How To Choose A Flashlight – 13 Reason You Should Know

A flashlight is the most crucial equipment that should be your companion, no matter what situation you’re in. It’s one of the most versatile tools that serves many purposes, especially when you’re packing a survival kit. Without a flashlight, a survival kit is incomplete because you will need light at any place and any time. … Read More