EMT Vs Medical Assistant: What Are the Differences?

EMT Vs Medical Assistant: What Are the Differences?

The most critical role of every technician is to save a life. But do they all have the same skills and knowledge? Definitely, this will be dealt with by the patient. An emergency medical technician is trained and skilled in handling critical injuries and illnesses. Unfortunately, these two personnel differ in profession and documentation. EMTs … Read More

Differences Between EMT vs CNA

EMT vs CNA: Which Has A Higher Level Of Training?

Medicine is one of the significant careers with many branches in it. It’s your choice to decide on which faculty to specialize in. All those health care sectors are worthwhile and aid in saving lives. Let’s take a look at EMT vs CNA specialists in the medical industry. EMTs and CNAs differ in terms of … Read More

Leatherman Raptor Review

Leatherman Raptor Review – Folding Shears/Multi-Tool

Leatherman is one of the most reputed and most popular brands in the EMT and rescue tool industry. They have a large collection of some good EMT and rescue tools for people. Among those, the Leatherman raptor sets itself apart due to its design, effectiveness, and safety. However, without reading the Leatherman Raptor Review, you … Read More