Disaster Emergency Kit Everyone Should Have 2020

Nobody knows when a natural disaster break out. Every year, natural disaster causes and damages our lives and properties all around the world. But we can guess about some disasters with the advancement of the technology including cyclones, storms, floods and other calamities.

But for earthquake, it is completely unknown when and where to hit an earthquake and destroy us. We can only mitigate the loss of your lives and properties by taking some pre-measures so that we can keep safe. In this situation, we mostly need a disaster emergency kit so that we can combat the odd situation.

What is a disaster emergency kit?

When a natural disaster occurs, everything gets mess up. It means that you cannot find almost any services including medical, food or other things related to our daily life. But you can be prepared yourself for not only you but also for your family. Maybe, one of your family member gets hurt and he needs some medicine for his cure. In this case, a disaster emergency kit should come into the play.

Disaster emergency kit

When you are alarmed with a disaster forecast, you should keep your disaster emergency kit ready for facing the odd situation. All you do is to keep some essential medicines including pain killer, tablets for filtering water and fever and bandage. Also you have to keep antiseptic medicines as well as antibiotic. Not only that you should keep torch light and fire starter so that you can cook something for you.

Disaster Supplies Kits List

After a disaster, you may have to survive for days. In this situation, to support you and your family, you have to keep your disaster supplies kit ready so that you can face the hard situation. Make sure you have prepared the disaster supplies kits with the most necessary things in it. Here is a list.

  • Water (depending on your family member, take water for at least three days)
  • Food (mostly dry foods so that the foods remain in good condition)
  • Flashlight
  • First aid kit
  • Whistle (you can use it for sending signals to the rescuers)
  • Dust mask
  • A battery-powered radio and a weather radio
  • Local maps
  • Cell Phones with extra battery and charger so that you can contact for an emergency
  • A manual can opener for your food
  • Food for your pet animals
  • Cash or traveler’s checks
  • Matches in a container that is completely waterproof

Prepare Your Kit – Tips for Disaster Emergency Kit

Disasters can happen anytime and it is inevitable in our lives. Every year, natural calamities damage our lives and properties. But we can mitigate this damage and loss by taking proper measures after hitting the disaster to our lives. We can take shelter in a safe zone along with our cattle. We can make people aware of the disaster so that they can also become aware of the calamity.

In this article, you are going to learn some tips for disaster emergency kit so that it will help you to face natural disasters including cycle, tornado, flood, draught and so forth. Before you go to prepare your kit for the disaster you have to consider a few important things to make things easier for you.

Consider the types of the disaster

This is the first important thing to consider. Depending on the type of the disaster, you have to come up with preparing your emergency kit. Because what you need for floods may not suitable for cyclone. You know that different crisis needs different preparation, supplies and other related things.

So, before you take preparation for any disaster, it is essential for you to understand the nature and effect of the disaster on you. But most of the things should be the same for any disaster including medicines, foods, water and other emergency supplies.

Pack a back for emergency

During the disaster, you may have to leave your residence for a few days. Depending on the severity of the disaster, your stay away from your home determines. However, in this situation, you have to make a bag ready for moving to the safer place near you. In this bag, you have to pack everything you need.

Among other important things, you should consider dry foods, water and foods for your pet animals for at least three days. Also, you have to consider a cell phone with you and a charger as well as an extra charged battery so that you can contact any emergency services through your mobile phone.

Sign up for an emergency alert

It is crucial to receive emergency alerts from time to time in your smart phone so that you can get in touch what is going to happen next. Also, you can use some apps related to the service from the Red Cross. It will help you to take your preparation before a natural disaster. Therefore, you can get ready to face the disaster.

Never forget to bring First Aid Kit

Your first aid kit is as necessary as other important things during a disaster and after the disaster. Yes, you can get hurt anytime during a natural disaster and need medicine for your wellness. What you will do then? Well, you need to bring your first aid kit with you. Inside the box, you have to take most necessary medicines, bandages, flashlight, fire igniter and other necessary things.

Final thought

You cannot stop natural disaster from happing, right? So, what you need to think about is how to survive during these natural calamities. In order to defend yourself against any disaster, all you can do is be prepare to face the disaster. Because it is needless to get sick worrying about them. A first aid kit, a ‘go bag’ and other necessary things will help you to survive in this critical situation.

So, stop worrying about these natural calamities and think about your protection during the disaster. For cyclone, find a better shelter for you and your family while for floods and other disaster find similar protective measures which will defend you against these disaster.

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