Emergency Kit Checklist For School In 2021

An emergency occurs when we least expect, and this is no different from a school emergency. Being unprepared makes it impossible to respond in good time. This may lead to fatalities due to lack of fast response. Everything should be ready for use when a disaster strikes.

It is essential that you have an emergency kit checklist for school readily available. This kit should be strategically placed to enable you to respond fast to an emergency. Check to ensure that the checklist has the essential items that can handle an emergency.

What is a School Emergency?

When emergencies occur at school, it is good to prepare to respond fast, effectively, and safely. School emergencies can be in the form of natural disasters or other emergencies that require immediate evacuation. Some disasters can be predicted while others happen abruptly, calling for safety precautions. Every school should have a plan to handle any kind of emergency fast without causing further harm.

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Different kinds of emergencies can occur at school, so it is imperative to be ready with an emergency plan. The principal, normally in charge of a school, should have a procedure to follow when an emergency happens. It is also good for a school to have an emergency management protocol that ensures that the whole school is prepared to handle any emergency that arises. They should have an emergency plan known by every member of the school.

Why Every School Needs Emergency Kit?

Emergency situations in school can occur at any moment, whether during playtime or exam time. It is vital to have an emergency kit checklist for schools that will take care of the students and other staff members. This is why every school requires an emergency kit;

  • A school emergency kit will come inclusive of all items that the whole school will survive on before help arrives.
  • Ensure safety in every corner of the school by guaranteeing that everything required during an emergency is put in place.
  • This kit enables you to plan. That way, everyone in the school is aware of the emergency plan put in place and how to act on it.
  • A school emergency kit ensures that the students know what to do and why they are doing. It is good to have a drill to enable all members to practice what they are required to do during an evacuation.

Emergency Kit Checklist For School

Having an emergency kit at school makes it possible for the whole sick to stay prepared if a disaster happens. An emergency cannot be predicted, but you can do something about it, which is being prepared.

Every emergency kit checklist should include:


Just like any other emergency, having water is exceptionally essential. Remember that with water, someone can survive for two or three days, even without food. We all know that water is life; that is why every school should have enough clean water stored to aid during an emergency.


No one knows how long an emergency will last. Natural disasters may take long to contain. An emergency kit for school should have adequate food to last more than three days before help arrives. This food should be non-perishable; in most cases, it is good to store dried foods because they cannot spoil quickly. Food is fundamental when an emergency occurs because it provides valuable energy during stressful moments.

First aid kit

Earthquakes, landslides, floods, and other natural disasters may cause injuries. A first aid kit is important because it will address any injury that may arise. This first aid kit may make a difference between life and death. Without a first aid kit, a simple injury may turn tragic because of the untimely response. A first aid kit can treat a wound, stop bleeding, treat a burn, and reduce agony.

List of students with photos

This will help in the identification of all the students after being taken to safety. An emergency may cause a lot of confusion, making some students scatter in a different direction. A list of students with photos helps ensure that everyone is accounted for to guarantee that none is missing.

Battery-powered flashlight

It is important to have light at night to enable you to see clearly. Some people may get stressed if surrounded by darkness during a disaster. A flashlight provides light that helps to calm the nerves.

Sleeping bags

Never allow your students to stay in the cold. That is why sleeping bags will come in handy, for they will give warmth to the students. A sleeping bag guarantees that warmth is provided no matter the nights will be spent in the cold.


It is good to maintain hygiene, no matter what. Lack of proper hygiene can cause diseases that are uncalled for. Having toiletries will ensure that hygiene is maintained, preventing disease outbreaks. Pack enough tissues and hand sanitizers. Include also sanitary pads for the girls, for you never know when they will be needed.

A whistle

A disaster can occur in school such that no one knows where the whole school is hiding. With a whistle, you can make your presence known no matter your location. It is, therefore, vital to include a whistle in your school checklist to call for help. Don’t be left stranded when you can get aid by merely using a whistle.

Final Thought

The safety of students should never be compromised, no matter the situation. This is regardless of an emergency or any other situation that can pose a danger to students.  What should be prioritized the most during an emergency is the safety of students and their well-being.

It is essential to put together an emergency kit checklist for the school that will guarantee survival. This kit should have all the supplies that a whole school set up can accommodate and survive on. This kit should be easily accessible, for you never know when an emergency will arise.

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