EMT vs CNA: Which Has A Higher Level Of Training?

Medicine is one of the significant careers with many branches in it. It’s your choice to decide on which faculty to specialize in. All those health care sectors are worthwhile and aid in saving lives. Let’s take a look at EMT vs CNA specialists in the medical industry.

EMTs and CNAs differ in terms of training and skills. They are trained on different academic and field backgrounds, although EMTs are highly knowledgeable. EMTs are educated on basic pre-hospital emergency medicine while CNAs get trained to look at complex patient care issues.

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This article provides insight into the differences between the EMTs and CNAs. This part will help you to visit the part easily you want.

Differences Between EMT vs CNA

Biggest difference of EMT & CNA lies in education, training, and the scope of work they are supposed to handle. However, their gap is not that large; a paramedic is just a step ahead of an EMT. Let’s get enlightened about EMT vs CNA.

Differences Between EMT vs CNA

Who Are They?


EMTs are healthcare professionals who provide emergency medical services, mainly in ambulances. They are also called ambulance technicians. However, they are the most common type of health experts with basic knowledge of handling critical incidents. Also, they decide on the safest and quickest method of treatment that suits the patient.


Emergency medical technicians cover a wider range of medical healthcare. These people should have a know-how about handling high-stress situations in a calm way. Their availability is much more important in crucial times.


CNAs are healthcare assistants working under registered and certified expert nurses. They help patients with daily living activities and other basic needs to patients who cannot manage themselves. Besides this, they have a chance to develop a good relationship personally with their patients.

A certified nursing assistant usually handles messy and stressful patients. Most of them are good-hearted since addressing such issues requires that virtue. Suddenly, they also get supposed to maintain health line care to patients despite the situation’s complications.

Where Do They Work?


These healthcare experts work in an ambulance, although they also respond to other medical emergencies such as accident scenes. EMTs can as well attend to a patient at their home place if the condition worsens. Nevertheless, they also provide emergency treatment to those in critical situations.

EMTs deal with first-come, first-served cases. They respond immediately to emergency calls and appear at the place of incidence for first aid measures. These specialists do not have a specific place to dwell in since their work is crucial.


CNAs commonly work in nursing facilities, weight management areas, and local hospitals. You can as well find them in prisons, children’s homes, schools, physician offices, and in places that need matrimonial care. As a result, CNAs are the link between a patient and the rest of the healthcare team.


Their work is handling basic duties since their field of work is large and diverse. CNAs can also be employed in-home health care. Simply to nurture patients who cannot necessarily move quickly and need maximum care to maintain good health.

Working Responsibilities


Emergency medical experts usually stand up for all emergency-related 911 calls. They provide first-line medical administration before they reach a medical facility. Usually, they use Littmann Stethoscope for EMT to assess a patient’s condition and determine the type of treatment. Moreover, they make orders for any requirements needed in the facility at the end of their shifts.


These technicians also bandage and handle breakages and as well treat wounded patients. EMTs require attending training, classes, and seminars to attain more medical knowledge and improve their work skills.


Certified nursing technicians are responsible for receiving and answering patients calls. Basically, they gather medical appliances together and assist physicians if needed. Feeding, grooming, turning, or moving patients is also part of their responsibilities. Nevertheless, they plan on the patient’s diet and liquid intake.


They are also responsible for taking patients on a walk to improve their health structure. Certified nursing assistants also take records and give reports of every patient. They should report any change to a physician or a doctor for further treatment to a patient.

Education Requirements


Candidates who need to enroll in a career as an EMT should have GED credentials or just a high school diploma. Further, these people must enroll in a post-secondary training program afterward to earn a CPR certificate. All the programs require classes for about two years to complete.


People who need to enroll in this career also require GED credentials or simply a high school diploma like the EMTs. However, they also require nursing assistant training from trade schools or nearby medical facilities. These requirements need a stamp from authorities before commencing studies.

Is EMT Better Than CNA?

An emergency medical technician is way better than a certified nursing assistant. This is because of their education and training gap. Their licensing, salary payment, and work coverage are also different. In the end, EMT will help you more in classes whereby you will have a lot of medical experience.

Is EMT Better Than CNA?

Although both of them may save lives and operate in the same field, there is a different structure. You can fill the educational and skills gap by going back to class and finishing every program. Licensing for both of them is mandatory.


Understood the difference in EMT vs CNA? Generally, emergency medical technicians help develop the standards of the healthcare occupation. EMTs are first responders to patients’ health, and CNAs are the best mothers who nurture patients with care and love. Their presence in every healthcare facility is much more critical.

To commence on this, emergency medical technicians and certified nursing assistants are both entry-level healthcare professionals. They possess reasonable remuneration for humanity services. The goals depend on who you want to work with at the end of your study.


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