How Much Cash Should I Have In My Emergency Kit 2021?

A situation may arise that limits you from accessing an ATM or use a credit card. If that were to happen, would you be able to sustain yourself and your family financially? With some cash on hand, you would save the day; that is why it is critical that you set aside an adequate amount of cash for rainy days. A financial disaster may strike catching unawares, how ready are you to handle it?

The big question remains, how much cash should I have in my emergency kit? This will depend on several factors, but it is of utmost importance to have enough money to sustain you for at least a month or so. The amount should be enough to cater to your basic needs and to pay for critical bills. If you have a big family, the amount should be higher to enable you to cater to everyone sufficiently till the emergency ends.

The Importance Of Cash In An Emergency Kit

An emergency kit is a package having all the things you will require when an emergency occurs.  This kit contains several essential items that you cannot survive without. Now, cash should also be in this emergency kit because you need money for survival.


It would be best if you had cash in an emergency kit because;

  • It helps you prepare in case of a disaster.
  • You will have access to cash, unlike a situation that you can have limited access to electronic money.
  • With cash on hand, you will be able to get all the items you need during a crisis.
  • If you need to evacuate to another area, you will require cash to pay for tolls.
  • There are services you cannot receive without cash, especially if you are in a place that you will stay for a prolonged time.

How Much Cash Should I Have In My Emergency Kit?

It is essential to have some cash stashed aside for use times of a disaster. It may make the difference between survival and death. You may find yourself in a situation where credit cards and ATMs are useless; that is why you need to have access to cash. When preparing your emergency kit, you may wonder, how much cash should I have in my emergency kit?

You will require enough cash to serve you for a few months. Don’t plan for just weeks because the crisis can extend. The amount to keep aside will depend on the kind of disaster. There are instances that you will require your emergency kit cash to take you for just a few days while in other circumstances, to help you survive for months.

When keeping cash in an emergency kit, consider the following: –

  • If it is a major catastrophe, you need to keep enough money to sustain you for almost half a year. Consider the amount you use in a month in your house then multiply it with six months. That is the amount to set aside for emergencies.
  • Cash for emergencies should be kept in smaller bills; don’t keep bills that are more than 20 dollars. You will not be able to get change; hence with small bills, you will purchase what you want without expecting change.
  • Ensure that you keep your bills in different locations. Keeping all of them is quite risky, that is why you should find other places that are safe then store your money.
  • It is wise to let one of your family members know where you’ve kept the cash for emergencies if you have not kept all of it in an emergency kit. If something happens to you, they won’t be left stranded and without help.
  • Bear in mind the basic needs of your family, especially food, gas, toiletries, water supplies, and other items that your family cannot survive without.
  • Keep your emergency cash where you can easily access it. A disaster does not give you a warning; hence you should always be alert and prepared.

Final Thought

Getting prepared for the worst is extremely paramount. We live in a world that we have no control over the disasters that will take place. An eventuality can occur catching unawares without having an idea of how to deal with it. That is why you should think of keeping some cash in an emergency kit to help you survive during a crisis.

It is better to prepare early so that when an emergency arises, you are already prepared. A question that always pops up is, how much cash should I have in my emergency kit? The answer to this question varies because we all have different needs. You can keep an amount of cash that can sustain you for some months before the dust settles down.

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