How To Keep Emergency Water In Your Car? – (Ultimate Guide 2020)

Having a car means that you can carry a large quantity of water without worrying about weight. Hence, an emergency water supply in your car should be considered, especially when embarking on a long journey. Having water in your car is important because anytime you thirst, you only need to pick and drink it at ease. 

If you keep asking yourself how to keep emergency water in your car well, it is not as difficult as you may imagine. You can keep emergency water in a dry cooler in your car, mostly located at the trunk. When storing your water, what you should always remember is to keep it away from direct sunlight. 

Is it safe to keep water in the car? 

It is safe to keep water in the car only if the right precautions are carried out. If your water gets exposed to direct sunlight, it is no longer safe. This means you cannot consume it. When keeping water in the car, you have to ensure that it is kept under the right conditions so that it remains safe for drinking.

How To Keep Emergency Water In Your Car

When water falls prey to extreme temperatures, it is not suitable for consumption. It would be best if you found a cool place to keep your water at all times. This helps in keeping the water safe meaning you can consume it without any worries. You should also not keep water in the car for a long time, especially if you cannot find a cool, dry place to store it. 

How to keep emergency water in your car? 

Emergency water should never be stored in plastic bottles. This is because harmful chemicals get released into the water, making it quite poisonous for consumption. Only commercially bottled water can be kept in your car, and it should have a long-shelf-life for emergencies. Water should be kept in a cool place so that no harm is caused.

How to store water in the car during the summer 

While storing water in your car for emergencies during the summer, carry out adequate research to understand how to store water in the car during the summer. Here is the right way to store your water:

Use Airtight Containers 

The containers you use to store water in your car should not be clear and should be sealed tightly to eliminate bacteria. Practice staying safe when storing water in your car during summer so that the worst does not happen. You can keep your water under the seat where it is dry and cool. 

Keep the Water Away from Sunlight

During the summer, store emergency water away from sunlight in your car. This will hinder chemicals from getting into your water, making it safe for consumption. Clear bottles can cause a fire in your car if left in the sun for a long time. 

Store the Water in the Trunk

If you want to know how to keep emergency water in your car, the trunk of your car is the ideal place to store emergency water because of the additional layer of insulation provided. This process may take time to sink through your system, but once you understand the right things to do, you are set to go. 

Do Not Expose Water to Heat

Exposing your water in your car to heat can cause detrimental health complications, that is why you should follow this store process to learn how to store water in the car during the summer. 

This is the only way to keep your health in check at all times; it is better to take preventive measures instead of waiting for a disaster to happen. Keeping water in your car for emergencies during summer is wise for you never know when you will need it.

How to store water in the car during the winter  

During the winter, temperatures tend to drop hence freezing water stored in your car. Keeping water unfrozen becomes a considerable challenge to creating an unwary disaster. That is why you need to understand how to store water in the car during the winter

Avoid Stainless Steel Bottles

Avoid storing water in stainless-steel water bottles because once they get frozen, they can quickly explode. Water may also end up leaking from this deformed bottle hence damaging the interiors of your car. Plastic bottles and aluminum can also be used to keep water without causing any damage. 

Store the Water in a Cooler

Keeping your water inside a cooler of your car is highly advised for that is how to keep emergency water in your car. You can wrap the bottles with a piece of cloth before placing them in the cooler to prevent them from freezing faster. To defrost your water that has ended up freezing, put a hand warmer around it, and then wrap it using a towel. 

Put the Water Near Vents

Placing the water near the vents also helps to defrost it as long as you remember to set the heat a level higher. This is a process worth investing your time in because it will ensure that you have a steady supply of water throughout. 

Keep the Trunk Warm During Winter

You do not end up getting stuck somewhere, and all the water that you are carrying is frozen. Keep your trunk warm during winter to ensure that your water remains under the right temperatures. 

When faced with a situation that calls for this store process to be put to task, you should carry out the stipulated measures to enjoy the water that is not frozen. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it OK to keep bottled water in the car? 

It is not OK to keep bottled water in your car, especially during summer. This is a bad idea because of the chemicals that end up leaching from the plastic into the water that you will end up consuming.

How long can you keep water in your car?

It is not recommended that you store water in your car for a long time for the sake of your health. The length you can take should not be over six months, though it also seems to be a long duration.

Is Bottled Water Safe After sitting in a hot car?

Absolutely not. Once bottled water gets exposed to heat, especially from a hot car, it leaks chemicals from the bottle to get into the water, making it unsafe for consumption. Choose the right containers that can withstand the heat emitted by your hot car.

Final thought

Keeping water in your car is highly recommended because you never know when an emergency strikes. Having water in your car keeps you calm, knowing that you will not face dehydration. Understanding how to keep emergency water in your car assures you of consuming safe and clean water at all times. 

A survival situation may require water making the difference between life and death.. Storing water in the cooler inside the trunk of your car makes it the best location hence giving you confidence that your water is safe and well protected from any harmful exposure.

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