Leatherman Raptor Review – Folding Shears/Multi-Tool

Leatherman is one of the most reputed and most popular brands in the EMT and rescue tool industry. They have a large collection of some good EMT and rescue tools for people. Among those, the Leatherman raptor sets itself apart due to its design, effectiveness, and safety.

However, without reading the Leatherman Raptor Review, you should not make the decision to purchase the item. You have the right to know the main pros and cons of the raptor. Then compare all those to understand whether it is suitable for you or not. Our expert’s honest review will help you know details to make the right decision.

How We Reviewed This Product?

Before reviewing the Leatherman raptor medical shears, our expert team has gone through articles after articles by spending hours after hours. They have seen different perspectives from different experts. Also, they’ve considered the buyer’s reviews of amazon and other e-commerce sites. In addition, they have compared the raptor with others to see how it performs. Safety, key features, and construction were the main things when comparing. By doing all these things and spending hours, they have come up with this honest review.

Leatherman Raptor Review In 2021

LEATHERMAN - Raptor Emergency Response Shears

The Leatherman Raptor comes with lots of key features that you must know. So here is the Leatherman Raptor Review with their key features, specs, pros, and cons.

Emergency response shear

The Leatherman raptor comes with an emergency response shear. The Leatherman raptor trauma shears have a stainless steel construction so that you can get prolonged service from it. Along with that, the shear can easily cut the medical clothing such as bandages. You can even cut your daily clothing or leather easily with this sharp shear.

Strap cutter

Sometimes, you or someone else gets stuck in the car with the seatbelt. Getting rid of the problem becomes mandatory to save a life. In that case, the Leatherman raptor emergency medical tool can come handy with its strap cutting ability. It features a strap cutter that will effectively cut the strap and set you free.

Ring cutter

The raptor enables you to cut the ring in your hand. Sometimes, the ring gets attached to the finger so hard that you cannot remove it from your finger. Cutting the ring is the only option but finding a ring cutter becomes more challenging then. This useful but simple tool can seriously help you simply cut the ring.


For medical purposes or general-purpose, you need to use a ruler. Unfortunately, we don’t carry a ruler all the time with us. However, if you have this tool with you, you can easily use it as a ruler for its measuring function.

Oxygen tank wrench

Just like the Stethoscope for Emt, it is another essential tool for medical professionals as well. Why? Well, in emergency situations, you may need to use a portable oxygen cylinder to provide oxygen to the patient. Opening the cylinder is tedious work for sure and this tool can help you open that. It features an oxygen tank wrench that smoothly opens the tank.

Glass breaker

In a car accident or fire, people get stuck in the car or home. Breaking the glass and get out of the car or home is the only option then. However, using your hand to break the glass is impossible in most cases. But if you have this Leatherman raptor medical shears multi tool, it can help you since it features a glass breaker. You can smoothly break the glasses without spending too much effort.

Comfortable handle

With all these features, does the tool offer long time comfort? Well, the raptor features a comfortable handle that offers comfortable gripping. You can easily use it smoothly for a long time. Also, it does not slip easily when using.

LEATHERMAN – Raptor Technical Details and Specifications

  • Color: Red w/Molle Sheath
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Dimensions: 2 x 2 x 2 inches
  • Weight: 164 Grams
  • Size: One Size
  • Style: Raptor
What’s Great?
  • 6 in 1 multi-tool
  • Offers comfortable gripping
  • Durable construction for longevity
  • Offers sharpness
  • Can use for versatile purposes
  • What’s Not Great?

Tough to clean
  • Challenging to open the lock

LEATHERMAN – Raptor Compilation of customer opinions

Most of the real users of this raptor are highly satisfied with the service it provides. The sharpness, stability, and durability of the raptor impress a lot of customers. Here are a few pictures of users’ feedbacks.

LEATHERMAN – Raptor Compilation of customer opinions

LEATHERMAN – Raptor Compilation of customer opinions

LEATHERMAN – Raptor Compilation of customer opinions

Are Raptor Shears Worth It?

The raptor shears offer a large number of advantages for medical or first responder people. With the tool, you can comfortably cut bandages or regular clothing. Also, it enables you to help yourself or others to get rid of a car or house after an accident. You will have the glass breaker and strap cutter. Additionally, the oxygen cylinder wrench allows easy cylinder opening.

Leatherman Raptor Review

With the ring cutter and ruler, you can comfortably fulfill your daily needs. Additionally, the comfortable handle will deliver a better user experience. So overall, the shears will make your life easier and safer. It can be the difference between life and death in some cases. So obviously, the raptor shears are worth it.

Final Thought

The Leatherman raptor review from experts will enlighten you about the raptor properly. Now you know all the key features, its goods, and the bads. Also, you know what people say about it. After considering all those factors, it becomes easier for anyone to make the decision.

As I mentioned that a simple thing can create the difference between your valuable life and death. This is a great raptor that can make that difference with its all features and functionalities. So it will be a good and wise decision to have one all the time in your house, pocket, or car.

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