Wedding Day Emergency Kit List – A List For Wedding 2021

Finally, your big day is here, and you are about to say “I do” to the love of your life. A wedding day is an exceptional day, for it is a celebration of a life about to start between two people in love. It is good always to be prepared because this day can bring with it unforeseen incidents.

It is vital to have a wedding day emergency kit list so that if something unexpected happens, you are prepared for it. Oversights that may pop up during the ceremony or reception will be taken well care of if you have an emergency kit.

What Is A Wedding Emergency Kit?

A wedding emergency kit is a collection of essential items you may require on your wedding day. This kit aids in planning for any emergency that may arise on your big day. It is crucial to compile a list of must-have items that will come into your rescue when a misfortune happens. It would be best if you never forgot to make an emergency plan for your wedding day because you are not assured that everything will run smoothly.

With a wedding day emergency kit list, you will never be worried no matter what happens because you are sure that you got it taken care of. You can carry on with your day relaxed, knowing that you are prepared for anything because you have an emergency kit. A wedding emergency kit is usually in the hands of the maid of honor, who is mandated to ensure the day runs smoothly. This kit can help in averting a crisis; that is why it is good to have it on standby.

Why You Need A Wedding Day Emergency Kit

Having a wedding day, an emergency kit cannot be overemphasized. This kit can make a difference between having a memorable day and one full of disaster. To ensure that your day runs smoothly without any crisis, you must include having this kit with you on your big day.

Wedding Day Emergency Kit List

This is why you need a wedding day emergency kit:

  • To make your big day and ensure that nothing goes wrong. This kit will keep everything running smoothly.
  • An emergency kit will keep you relaxed throughout the ceremony and also reception making you not have any worries.
  • You will always have a backup plan with this kit, meaning no matter what happens, you are prepared for it.
  • A wedding emergency kit enables you to prepare for the unexpected. Anything might happen on your wedding day; hence it is good to be prepared.
  • The bridal party will be able to handle the entire wedding from the beginning to end happily. Why? Because of the assurance of an emergency kit.

Wedding Day Emergency Kit List

A wedding day emergency kit list is a resource that comes with everything you may require on your wedding day. This emergency kit comes in handy when an issue arises on your big day. It covers up any hiccup that may occur and make your day not be a success.

Here are some of the essential items that a wedding emergency kit should not be without;

Sewing kit

Ensure you have a little sewing kit inclusive of mini scissors, extra buttons, thread in all colors, and needles. If your wedding gown has an issue, this sewing kit will help. This also concerns your bridal team where you find one of the dresses or suits has a problem; a sewing kit will come in quite handy.

Pain reliever medication

It is imperative to have some pain reliever to ease any pain you may encounter throughout the day. A wedding day is usually quite hectic, and before the day ends, your head might be pounding extensively. Headaches and body pains strike when you least expect due to the day’s activities. Pain reliever medication will genuinely help make your day better.

Safety pins

Safety pins are a must-have hence needs to be included in your wedding day emergency kit. Get a pack with assorted sizes meaning it should have mini-size pins, medium-size and large ones. Mini-sized pins will fix a small tear in a dress, whereas medium-size pins will reattach a dress strap or even a broken bra. Safety pins are also ideal in taking care of a bride’s bustle, which has to be put in place after the ceremony.

Instant stain remover pens

A stain remover pen can eliminate any stain with ease and fast. You don’t want to walk around in your dress while it is stained; it wouldn’t look good on you. But with a stain remover pen, you can do away with anything that stains your dress. You will be eating and drinking on your big day, so you will likely end up spilling something on your dress. It is better to have this covered by having an instant stain remover pen.

Anti-blister balm

A wedding day is a big day; that is why you and your bridal team come donning with new shoes. The issue with spanking new shoes is they may make you have blisters, which means you will not be comfortable with them. What can save the day is an anti-blister balm which you swipe in your heels. By doing that, you get to dance the night away comfortably in your shoes.

Final Thought

A wedding day is an important day, having prepared for days to walk down the aisle. It is a day you have been looking forward to for a long time. Therefore, it is only fair that your day goes well without any surprises.

However, because happenings in a day cannot be anticipated, you must have a wedding day emergency kit list. It will have all the items you require to make your day worth it. This emergency kit can be of great help at a time when you are facing a disaster on your big day.

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