What Do You Need for an Earthquake Survival Kit In 2021

Natural disasters may occur at any time. Due to these calamities, we have to lose our crops, properties, and even lives each year. Also, the economy of any country where natural disasters occur has to face critical times sometimes. Most natural calamities like flood, cyclone, drought, etc. can be understood before breaking out. But in the case of an earthquake, the scenery is totally different.

Nobody knows when a devastating earthquake takes place to destroy properties and lives. But we can mitigate the loss after an earthquake with the best earthquake survival kit. In this article, you will learn all the steps you should take to answer the query- what do you need for an earthquake survival kit?

Why Do You Need An Earthquake Survival Kit?

You don’t know when an earthquake occurs, right? There is no such technology still in the world by which you can get notified of a sudden earthquake. But you can mitigate the loss just after the breaking down of the earthquake. That’s why; you need to have an earthquake survival kit to survive after a natural disaster.

What Do You Need for an Earthquake Survival Kit

What Do You Need For An Earthquake Survival Kit?

Depending on the intensity of an earthquake, it may take several days to allow you to recover. So, what do you need for an earthquake survival kit? It would be best if you had more time to repair it before you consider returning to your residential area. Meanwhile, you and your family need other things to pass these critical days away from your home, maybe, in a safe place.

Most importantly, you need water, food, first-aid kit, and so many other things for your home, automobile, and workplace. These things will help you survive these days, even if you are away from home. Among other essential items, you will need a flashlight, batteries, whistle to make a signal for help, and survive during an earthquake.

Survival Kit For Your Home

You might need to leave your home after the earthquake. In this case, you should make a survival kit ready for your home. Make sure all the members of your family know where you have kept the package. Otherwise, you may mess up things if you need to go to a safer place fast. That’s why; when everybody knows where it is kept, you can grab the bag and start moving.

You need two types of items for the survival kit at home. These are tools and supplies and items for safety and comfort. For the first step, you need to arrange ax, shovel, rope for rescuing, tape and plastic sheeting, screwdriver, etc. For your safety measures, you should bring the below things into consideration.

  • Broken glass, debris, or nails can pierce your feet, so you need sturdy shoes.
  • Gloves, candles, waterproof matches
  • Knife, tent, food, and water for your pets,
  • Sleeping bags or blankets,
  • Medications and eyeglasses, fire extinguisher

Survival Kit For Your Automobile

When you see that you have no way to move with your car, you should assemble a survival kit for your automobile. It is also a part of the article’s topic- what do you need for an earthquake survival kit? Make sure you have packed these necessary things into a plastic bag or your backpack.

A small or your backpack will help you move fast and comfortably. For your automobile, you should include the following things so that you can survive these hard days with your family away from your home.

  • Bottled water, change of clothes, fire extinguisher
  • First aid kit and it’s manual
  • Blankets for passing nights if it is cold
  • Prescription medicines, radio with new batteries
  • For signaling, take a small mirror
  • Jumper cables, duct tape
  • Gloves, local map, and compass

Survival Kit For Your Workplace

You should be prepared if you may need to stay a few days at your workplace. Before taking shelter at your workplace, you must consider assembling a survival kit for you and your family. You need to have the essential items to survive these days effortlessly with your family.

Always remember that you are trying to survive these hard days, not enjoying it. Therefore, you should not find comfort as long as the hard days remain. So, you can include the following things into your survival kit backpack.

  • Blankets
  • Essential medications
  • Small first aid kit, whistle for signaling
  • Food, bottled water
  • Jacket if it is cold
  • A good pair of sturdy shoes (survival shoes)
  • Flashlights with new batteries, a radio to listen to the emergencies
  • A good pair of eyeglasses and contact lens

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have other related questions regarding the topic of the article? Maybe, you have a few of them in your mind. Don’t worry because I have come up with a few crucial questions with their better answers to understand the topic easily.

Where should I keep my earthquake kit?

At home, you should keep your earthquake kit somewhere everybody knows. If you keep it anywhere, nobody knows without you, and chances are you may not get the equipment after the disaster due to mental pressure.

How long do earthquake kits last?

You should aim for at least 3 days because it is seen that most of the earthquakes may suffer you longer. So, you need to include these items that will keep fresh for at least the earthquake days.

Is the bathroom safe during an earthquake?

While taking a bath, if you feel like everything is shaking due to an earthquake, you should not panic. You can stay there, standing near the sink. The bathroom should be the right place during an earthquake.

Final Thought

It would be best to prepare for an earthquake because you don’t know when to occur. Please assemble a survival kit bag for mitigating the loss of the natural disaster.

In this article, maybe, you have got the answer to the topic- what do you need for an earthquake survival kit? Most importantly, you need water, food, and a first aid kit to survive after the earthquake.

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