What Flashlights Do the Military Use In 2021?

Flashlights are an emergency tool if there is a power outage. Not only that, but flashlights also help you in many ways to search for things at the dark of night. If you get stuck on the road at night because your car has broken down, flashlights will help you see under the vehicle and inside the hood. Therefore, to face any natural disaster, you should have the best emergency flashlight to find things.

If there is an emergency, whether natural or human-made, the military appears to the spot to help people recover. So, the question may come to your mind- what flashlights do the military use? They use the flashlights that come with better light output, cover a greater distance, run for a longer time, and much more.

What Flashlights Do The Military Use?

I have designed the article to provide you the best possible answer to the query of the topic. Though most of the flashlights share almost the same operational techniques, there are some differences among them. As the military uses torches to rescue affected people from the area, they require better flashlights than regular use.


If you have a flashlight that does not cover a longer distance, it should not be an ideal flashlight for the military. Depending on the run time, distance coverage, light beam, and so many other things, the military chooses flashlights for their specific uses.

You may want to know what flashlights do the military use? Tactical flashlights are seen to be used by the military. Not only that, the military uses different flashlights of different brands such as Surefire sidekick, Streamlight, Orion, Fenix, Pelican, etc.


When you consider buying a flashlight for the military, Surefire should be a trusted name in the tactical torch industry. They are great because of having great power and superior optics. Surefire flashlights provide you 300 lumen of light comfortably to see everything clearly.


Streamlight is one of the most compact tactical flashlights out there in the market. These model flashlights come with great batteries, multiple modes of output, constructed with hand anodized aluminum, lightweight and waterproof. Therefore, all these features support the military to use them, whether for an emergency or rescuing affected people.


Another great invention of flashlights for the military is Fenix. They have 1000 lumens that are more than bright enough to see things. These flashlights have six output modes, including 1000 turbo, 1000 high, 500, 200, 60, and strobe. Their durable aluminum casing helps you to use the flashlights in the difficult environmental conditions.


The Pelican model of the flashlights come with versatile modes and are popular for their run time. In high mode, the flashlight can be operated for more than three hours. The USB lithium-ion rechargeable battery benefits you to charge and use with ease. For your short-term project, these flashlights are great.

Factors To Look At Before Purchasing

Before you head over to buy a flashlight, you should take a close look at a few essential things. If these things such as light output, battery lifetime, a distance of light, etc. satisfy your requirements, you can buy them. Otherwise, you may end up buying a flashlight that is not suitable for your particular need. Your hard-earned money may be wasted in this situation.

So, here you will learn everything you need to consider before you end up buying any. The article’s purpose is also the same to assist you in finding the best one that will be better for you. If you can follow all the things I will cover in this article, you are sure to buy the right flashlight for you.

Light output

Having fresh batteries inside the flashlight, the intensity of the light enters through. It is the lumen. It is one of the most important factors to compare a flashlight to another. You can also set this from multiple light settings. But it does not judge the entire thing alone. Therefore, you need to consider a few other things, including distance, beam intensity, and type of the flashlight and the manufacturer.

If you need a flashlight for book reading, a 20-lumen is enough that you need. Conversely, you require a 3500-lumen or flashlight if you are on steep terrain. So, depending on your needs, you should choose the flashlight considering the number of lumens.

Beam distance

How far your flashlight can cover is the measure of beam distance of it.  But it does not mean how far the light scatters. From the main beam point, you may also see things but not clear. It should not call the beam distance. The full moon of your flashlight should be bright enough so that you can see things clear as far as the light beam covers.

Run time

Another wise consideration of searching for a flashlight should be its run time. It should be measured in hours. It depends on the quality of the battery and its material. Seeing a run time graph of the flashlight, you should buy it.

Batteries of the flashlight get damaged gradually or suddenly after using them for a specified period. When you see that the light output of the flashlight is decreased or diminishes over time, it should be the time to change the batteries.

Size and weight

It should be another wise consideration when you want to purchase a flashlight for you. What if the size of the flashlight is large enough and the weight of it is heavier? You may end up tiring yourself after a decent period of time. Therefore, you require a small and less weighed flashlight that is easy for bearing and hauling in the forest or terrain.

But the larger size and weight is sometimes better for you. Do you know why? Well, a giant flashlight means a larger battery that has a higher capacity. As a result, you can run the torch as long as you need to run it.

Disposable or rechargeable

You can use either a disposable or rechargeable battery in your flashlight. Some flashlights run on disposable batteries, whether others on rechargeable ones. Both of them have advantages and disadvantages. For disposable batteries, you need to replace them when they get damaged. But disposable batteries can keep the higher voltage in small sizes.

On the contrary, you can use rechargeable batteries multiple times. You know that lithium-ion batteries get charged through a USB connection. You can charge them from a solar panel or electric outlet. These types of cells of the flashlights reduce waste because you can use them.

Final Thought

The military uses flashlights based on their light output, the distance they cover, beam distance they offer, and so many other things. They use flashlights mostly for rescuing people from an affected area. Therefore, the power of the flashlights should be better in quality. Their run time must be more considerable as the operation may take place for hours at night.

So, you may have gotten the answer to the question- what flashlights do the military use? The better the performance of the flashlights, the more accurately you can walk and haul on the terrain. Before buying any flashlight, consider the things I have mentioned earlier in this article.

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