What To Put In A Car Emergency Kit (11 Tips In 2020)

A 2016 survey suggests that Americans spend 293 hours driving their cars on average a year. Going to a long drive can be amusing until your car breaks down in the middle of nowhere. So, before you end up in a helpless situation, especially while off-roading, taking the safety precautions is important. If you’re planning to go off the terrain and thinking about what emergency equipment you should get, this article is for you.

I’ll help you understand why you must know about emergency kits for cars and how to make one. You will be able to get the most important items that you must put in your emergency kit at the end of this article. So, stay with me to know what to put in a car emergency kit and get ready for bad situations while driving off the country.

what to put in a car emergency kit

Why Do You Need A Car Emergency Kit

Going for long drives is a regular even for any average American, and that’s fun for sure. However, you never know when your car will break down while you’re passing through a desert. Or, you also cannot guarantee that you won’t get into an accident with your family members where an ambulance isn’t available. A car emergency kit will help you survive that situation, whether you need emergency medical attention or to stay hydrated. The right emergency kit will contain all the necessary items that can keep you sharp no matter how bad the situation is.

What To Put In A Car Emergency Kit

Getting your first car emergency kit ready requires you to know what to put in a car emergency kit. To make the best car emergency kit, you must have these items in your car, organized in the right manner:

First aid kit

The foremost important thing to get while getting a car emergency kit ready is a first aid kit. It’ll help when you’ll encounter an accident and get stuck in a place where you cannot seek any medical attention. You can pay immediate attention after an accident with a first aid kit, such as stopping the blood loss or bandaging a cut.


A flashlight comes in handy not only when you end up stuck in a helpless situation, but also in regular time. If you’re camping out in a remote place, it will help you lighten up and stay away from danger as well. You can also consider getting a lantern if you camp a lot and need portable yet powerful ambient light.


Water is severely important when you get stuck in a remote area, especially in a desert or in the sea. Make sure you have enough bottled water, stored in your car to stay hydrated while stuck without a water source nearby. However, don’t store water in glass bottles as they can break if impacts with hard things or freezes. Instead, go for 2L plastic bottles and replace them every six months after storing them.

Dry food

Food is undoubtedly the most important thing to stay alive, and you must have it on your emergency kit. You don’t know how long you may have to stay isolated or stuck, keep some dry food in the kit. You can ration it while stuck to stay alive while trying to escape from the isolated situation.

Spare tire

Keeping spare tires is important, especially when you’re off-roading to an area where you cannot find a repair service easily. If you end up losing a tire and nobody is coming to help you soon, you may get stuck unnecessarily. So, keeping a spare tire may help you keep on with the trip you’re on and enjoy the rest of it.

Tool kit

Changing a tire requires you to have the necessary tools to do the job, and you must keep them in your car. A tool kit won’t only help you with the tires, and you can also use them for fixing issues yourself. Don’t forget to customize the toolbox with the tools you may need the most and the ones you know how to use.


If you get into an accident, stuck out there, and cannot call for help, the only way is to wait for the rescue team. But, finding you in the woods may not be a piece of cake for the rescue team either! To draw people’s attention, use a flare gun, people from far away will know somebody is in trouble. Don’t forget to have a reflective rag or triangle as well, and it will help them spot you easier.


You never know in what situation you may end up after an accident in a remote place. A blanket will keep you warm in any weather situation you may end up with. You may don’t get the use if you’re living in a tropical area; a blanket does more than just keep you warm. It can help you make a barrier from the car, even make a tent with it.

Lighter or flint rod

Life is not easy without fire, and you must keep the things that help you make fires out in the middle of nowhere. The best way to store fire-making equipment without getting into trouble is to get a waterproof lighter. You can also get a flint rod to make fire; I personally prefer this way.

A sharp knife

A will be the most versatile piece of equipment when you’re stuck somewhere unknown. You can use it for making fire with flint rod, cutting branches, curving sharp hunters, and so on. You can get a survival knife to store for the best multipurpose use of it. They come better at what they do, and they are sturdier than the regular knives you can find in the market.

Manual equipment

Survival couldn’t be a good experience unless you have only the digital devices to rely on. You never know when your device will die, and you end up helpless without any location data or something like that. For instance, you must have a detailed, printed road map on the kit that can help you relocate yourself. The manual equipment will also include a snow brush, snow scraper if you’re living in a winter-oriented country. A foldable shovel is also important for the things that you cannot do with a knife alone, such as digging holes.

Tips For A Car Emergency Kit

Once you have all the emergency kits hands-on, you have to follow some tips to utilize them the best. Here are some tips that you’ll find useful if you’re getting started with a car emergency kit:

  • Pack the kit well, use a sturdy emergency kit box, make sure the box is waterproof and shockproof to survive a heavy impact.
  • Keep the kit box in hand so that you can reach it immediately after encountering an accident or a harsh event.
  • Get a spare for the knife and the whistle or flare and put them in the glove box. It will help you cut the seat belt or draw the attention of the rescue team.

Final Thought

Making the most out of your adventure in the wild and enjoying the maximum requires you to have a survival kit. A car emergency kit will be the best option if you’re a regular camper or love to hit the road often.

Don’t underestimate the need for these important tools in your car kit, and they will become a lifesaver when needed. As you now know what to put in a car emergency kit, make sure you keep them under supervision from time to time. Replace the water and add the food when you’re packing for traveling only.

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