What’s The Difference Between EMT And Paramedic?

In a calamity when you seek help, an EMT or a paramedic appears before you. Although they both are called emergency medical technicians or emergency medical service providers, the work is not the same as theirs. The primary difference between EMT and paramedic is their education, knowledge about the work, and expertise.

EMTs deal with the entry-level patients but paramedics do the next level job. In this article, you will get to the idea about whom we call the paramedics and whom EMTs. You will be familiar with the places they work in and the different services that both EMTs and paramedics provide.

Difference Between EMT and Paramedic

difference between EMT and paramedic

Though in some English-speaking countries, EMTs are called paramedics, there is a subtle difference between their work and knowledge.

Who Are They?



EMT’s are those emergency medical technicians that are  sometimes known as ambulance technicians. They have the registration of the Health and Care Council. These people generally respond to emergency call-outs, reach the spots and provide primary medical service to the patients. EMTs have their working equipment different from others.

They are doctors or nurses rather they are medical service professionals. They serve people by being present in the emergency moment. These people often provide ambulance service and make the patient reach the hospital. They are employees in government hospitals, private hospitals, fire departments, etc places.



They are the individuals who serve patients with advanced medical services. While EMTs provide entry-level service, paramedics are experts in handling advanced medical equipment. They have different expertise than EMTs. Paramedics deals with critical patients.

These people can even do stitches when needed. They can provide ventilation and IV too. If the patient is critical or has severe injuries, paramedics can handle them better than EMTs. Paramedics are not doctors but can provide medical services when needed. They are present in air ambulances, helicopters, and fix aircraft.

Where Do They Work?


The primary job of an EMT is to handle the ambulance and provide basic medical treatments to the patient. They perform CPR, monitor patients’ condition, control external bleeding, inform the hospital about the patient’s condition. Maintain the records, help the patient stabilize, prevent further injuries.

For making their work more worthwhile there is a Stethoscope for Emt that makes them work easily. EMTs need to carry medical equipment with them all day. These stethoscopes and other medical tools are their weapons. They have to drive for a large portion of the day. So, for making their work easier and faster, there are uniquely designed watches and other equipment too.


Their work includes bandaging the injured spot and elevating and another advanced job. They deliver babies in an emergency condition, create airways for patients who can not breathe, and provide IV medication. In an emergency, they also take care of collapsed lunges by stitching, provide ventilation and apply pacemakers for the patients who have controlled heart rate. These are the major work of a pandemic.

Working Responsibilities

EMT Responsibilities


The utmost responsibility of an EMT is the patient. An EMT has to take care of the patient with the medical equipment and ensure safety. He has to drive the ambulance, maintain and apply the medical equipment present in the ambulance.

He has to record the condition of the patient and inform the hospital about the condition of the patient from time to time. Patient safety is the biggest safety. As a medical service provider, an EMT has to make sure that the patient is primarily out of danger.



The responsibilities of a pandemic are more than an EMT. He has to maintain all the ambulance equipment, the advanced medical equipment, and the patient. Other than the CPR and other services,they have to perform IV, delivering babies, doing stitches, stopping external bleeding, creating airways for patients.

Also, they have to record the health condition of the patient. Patients safety and security are the major responsibilities of a paramedic. They are devoted to mankind. When a person poorly needs help, paramedics are the people to serve them first.

Education Requirements


Primarily an EMT needs a higher school certification. If he has no diploma then has to go for the GED. After that to be a certified EMT, he has to get a CPR certification and join a training center. He can join either the 12000 hours or the 18000 hours training program. Some people take extra hours before the training hours. After completing the training he gets the NREMT certification. Moreover, once he gets the license from the state, he is a certified EMT to serve the people.


To be a certified paramedic, one has to be above 18 years old or an adult. Then after the high school degree, he has to get a valid driving license. Afterward, he has to get a CPR certification and after completing training from a pracademic program.

After that, he gets the NREMT certification and licenses from the state. The requirements are a bit the same as that of the EMTs but paramedics require some advanced level skills. The skill and experience make them more efficient in the working field. Once all the above things are performed one can officially be called a paramedic.


The difference between EMT and paramedic lies in their expertise and responsibilities. While an EMT serves patients with beginning level treatments, a paramedic performs the advanced level treatments. The educational requirements, training, responsibilities all are different from an EMT and a paramedic.

The article reveals the subtle differences present in the job of both medical service professionals. Here, you will find all the different working criteria of an EMT and a paramedic.


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