Wilderness Survival Kit List – A Complete Checklist 2020

If you are planning to have an adventure in the wilderness, you need to prepare adequately before making your way into the wild. Having a 10wilderness survival kit list is essential because it helps you get ready for anything you might face in the wilderness. This survival kit should contain all the required elements that can be of aid in case the worst happens.

You cannot brush away the fact that you may find yourself in a survival situation that you had not anticipated. How you will get through such a situation will wholly depend on the elements contained in your survival kit. This is because everything in your survival kit list has its purpose, so it is important to carry every wilderness survival tool you may think of.

Is it legal to live in the wilderness?

Living in the wilderness is not legal per se because you will need permission from the authorities if you were to live there. Many people daydream living in the wilderness away from the stress that comes with city life. But this only remains a dream because living in the wilderness is not approved in many countries.

Wilderness Survival Kit List

No law allows people to live in the wild. In fact, no law would allow a human being to live in the wilderness may be in cases of high national interest. This includes projects concerning the government and not personal interest situations.

15 wilderness survival kit list items [you need to pack these]

Surviving in the wilderness calls for proper planning prior to your adventure. This goes a long way in ensuring that you face every challenge that comes your way because you are adequately prepared. This wilderness survival kit list guide will outline the 15 items you need to carry with you before venturing into the wilderness.


This is a tool that aids in starting a fire in the wild. You need a fire in the wild to enable you to survive cold nights. With a fire starter, you can light up fire fast to make meals and to scare away predators. This is one of the most critical items you should always have because it makes a difference during hunger times.


A survival knife is a tool you use in the wild in various survival situations. It is avital that you carry with you a high-quality knife that will perform different tasks such as cutting, skinning your hunt, and sharpening. There are other uses that a survival knife will undertake, and as such, it should be sturdy and constructed with tough material.


These are navigation tools meant to help you find your way in the wild. Depending on GPS is not recommended, especially in emergency situations that require a survival situation. It is paramount that you pack a compass and local map so that you don’t end up getting lost in the woods. It is one thing to carry these two, but it is another thing to understand how to read and navigate your way back.


A first aid kit is a vital item that helps you in case of an emergency. Having a first-aid kit ensures that you remain safe and protected at all times when you get injured. This critical should have items such as bandage, cotton, antiseptic, and pressure dressings to protect your wound. Every first aid kit comes with a pocket manual that gives you instructions on how to handle an emergency.


A bow saw is a lightweight metal saw that is framed to ensure survival in every situation. You can keep warm during cold nights by using a bow saw to cut logs essential for making firewood. A survival knife cannot be helpful as a bow saw because of its ability to cut down big branches that you can use to make a shelter for the night.


It is necessary to carry the right clothing when going out to the wilderness. Proper coting entails dressing for the worst no matter how sunny it seems because you may not know the kind of weather you may face in the wilderness. Cotton clothing is not advisable; instead, go for layered clothing with a quality shell layer to retain heat. Protect yourself from the night’s cold by wearing clothes that have a wool layer.


An emergency survival whistle is a device used to convey distress signals hence alerting people when you lose direction. Blowing a whistle can reach far distances that your voice can’t possibly reach. For convenience purposes, carry your whistle around your neck supported by a string.


A signal mirror is a tool used to reflect light to indicate your location in the wilderness. There are instances where people have not been found in the wild because their exact location could not be determined. A signal mirror comes in because a search helicopter can locate you with ease with it. This is a must-have kit that should never miss in your adventure backpack as you hit the wilderness.


Cordage is a survive item that comes in the form of a rope or nylon code to enable you to climb steep places without significant challenges. This code can also come in handy when you need to hang clothes, for it can be used as a cloth line. Other uses include tying firewood, fishing, food line, and other tasks. Make sure to get high-quality cordage so that it does not end up disappointing you.


Water is life, and without it, chances of survival are minimal. Anyone can survive without food for some days, but no one can make it without water because of dehydration. Water filtration aids in ensuring that you drink clean, safe water that is free from impurities. Proper filtration is essential because the water in the wild contain all kind of contamination.


This is a tool that provides light so that you do not tolerate being in total darkness. When darkness embarks, no one will be able to function correctly; in fact, many people become disorientated. Venturing into the wild calls for an authoritative source of light, that is why a flashlight should be in your survival kit at all times.


Food is a meal that contains essential nutrients that keep the body active and energized. Embarking into the wilderness without food is like committing suicide because there is no way you can survive that kind of hunger. Your survival kit should be packed with various foods that are not perishable to serve you all the days you will be in the wilderness.

Tent or Tarp

Having a place to rest in the cold night is crucial, and that is what a tent or tarp is meant for. What a tent does is provide shelter so that the harsh weather condition does not wear you down. You need the right skills to put up a tent in the right way if you are to hide from the rain and sun. Keep practicing to perfect your skills so that this facility gives you the required service without fail.


This is the ability to understand how to use every item in your survival kit. Without the proper knowledge, you can be confident that your chances of survival will be limited. Every situation encountered in the wilderness calls for specific item usage. That is why you have to source for information to enable you to comprehend what every item is meant for.


To endure survival in the wilderness, you must have a fabulous physique. This does not only apply to physical fitness but the mental tool. Physical fitness is vital for it heals you defend yourself during an attack from intruders. On the other hand, when you are mentally fit, you remain positive and helps in thinking clearly when faced with a challenging situation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a human survive in the wild?

A human can survive in the wild for a few days only if well hydrated. Humans are not wired to survive in the wild; that is why their survival capacity cannot be conclusive.

How long can the average person survive in the wilderness?

This will depend on an individual driven by will power. While some cannot survive a day, others can survive for months as long as the basic necessities are provided.

Final thought

Anyone thinking of hitting the wilderness should adequately prepare because no one knows what awaits you out there. You need essential items to help you in your adventure and without which you may end having the worst time of your life. There are critical wilderness survival kit list items that should be prioritized when heading into the wilderness that way, you will be able to tackle any situation you will face. When packing your items, check on your kit list to verify the critical survival items that you cannot survive without in the wild. That is the only way to ensure that your adventure does not get ruined.

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